• "You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren."

    – William Henry Hudson

  • Always remember, your FOCUS determines your reality

    -George Lucas


Founded by four blessed and highly favoured entrepreneurs, DPD is anchored on the philosophy of advancing human progress to every ordinary working Australians through Wealth Creation and Continuous Property Education.

Our early research led us to believe that FEAR of the unknown is the most dreadful culprit of human progress. People unable to achieve full human potential because of FEAR. DPD will address just that and beyond.

We will help every willing Australian transcend beyond the walls of their day to day work-to-home and home to work cycle.

We will be a force to break that cycle and help them achieve the Financial Freedom each one deserves.

We combine unique and intensive market research with practical, industry-based experience to produce products that will last future generations.

With DPD, you can rest assured that the future-OUR FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE is in safe hands.